Day Eleven. Spiltsville.

Submitted by Robin Olson on Thu, 10/23/2008 - 10:24

Okay - this wasn't like that creepy couple in the Spa on SNL was it? LOL!!

I hope there's pictures too! HAHAAHAHA!!

Good luck on the trip back home! ;)

PS: Thanks for losing the damn math problems for comments too! WOOT!!

The car is packed. All I have to do is check out. It's weird. I feel like this hotel, with the leaky windows, screaming smoke alarms, shorting out light fixtures is my home. I've been here too long. Time to split!

Weather is gray and rainy. I hear it's clear eastward, so I should make better time in a few hours.

I'm too scared to think I will be home in a few days, so I'll just see how far I get today and see how it goes.

Until the next exciting episode in the saga of: Stranded in the Heartland

P.S. and remind me to tell you the stories of the two people I met at the pool.

Over and out...