Day Eleven. What's Round on the Ends and High in the Middle?

Submitted by Robin Olson on Thu, 10/23/2008 - 23:52


I made it to Perrysburgh, OH, to a Junior Suite with a whirlpool bath and shower for 6?, a king-sized bed and TWO flat screen TV's-one is by the tub.

I just had a soak and watched SNL. What a treat. Speaking of FOOD, I am starving, but too tired to go out again and find something. I had a banana, some chocolate covered raisins and water. That's food, right? Tomorrow is free breakfast, which I will LOAD up on, no doubt. I hardly ate at all today, but I wanted to just make it this far and I did.

It took 11 hours...ugh.

A few fun things:

I saw about 10 Adult Bookstores between West Des Moines and here. I didn't go into them, but man, there were plenty if I urge.

License plate: PIE

Billboard: Loosest Slots in the Area (WTF?!)

I stopped at "The World's Largest Truck Stop" in Walcott, IA, along I-80 (which is also the second longest interstate in the US!)

2008-10-24 20:06:06 -0400

I saw scary t-shirts!

2008-10-24 20:10:05 -0400

Got t-shirts at: Starved Rock Harley-Davidson. There's "Signature" HD down the road from my hotel, so I may get a few more. I know. I don't have a Harley, but I know a few friends who do.

I lost an hour. Back on EST again. Better get to bed. I sure am pooped, but grateful I only had to stop at ONE REPAIR SHOP TODAY!!!!!

Yet another repair to be done...

Yes, I had to get the car fixed, but it only cost $19.79.

More on that tomorrow!