Day Twelve. Getting Closer.

Submitted by Robin Olson on Fri, 10/24/2008 - 10:01

You're closer to getting back to your ol' self there again it seems... just need to scope out some better foodz though! ACK!

This room sure is weird! It's a fancy-esque fantasy suite in the middle of a ghost town of low rise apartment buildings. I just looked out the window to see if my car was still there! So far, so good.

Today's plan is to drive only (!) 331 miles, or just about half way home. It's either 331 or over 600. After yesterday, I think I better take it slow.

I'm going to check out the Maumee, OH Antique Mall. It's 110,000 sq ft! WOOO! After my antique break, it's back on the road to beeline for State College, PA, home of Penn State and my rest stop for the night. I chose State College because it seems to be an oasis of stuff to do in the middle of a lot of nothing to do! Hopefully, the nasty rain will hold off until I can get away. I dread driving through that nasty storm front that I drove through yesterday...for FOUR HOURS...blah. a bit of sleep a bit of crappy breakfast. Deep breath...getting closer...almost home!

Oh and the mudflap almost came off yesterday. No big deal, though I didn't want to drive through the serious rain storms with it hanging, so I stopped in Walcott, IA to see about getting it fixed.

2008-10-27 21:25:10 -0400

The place was tiny and they charged a "lift charge of $12.50" plus the $6.00 or so to put in two screws. Hmmm...ok. Whatever! Just get me out of this place! The wind is blowing through the walls!

2008-10-27 21:25:54 -0400